TECH Spring Freestyle Registration is Now Open

Tech Spring Freestyle Registration is now open, and you can pre-register now by clicking here:

The spring season is a great time to improve your technique and stay active and fit. Most of our very best wrestlers and wrestlers who want to continue to progress do the spring freestyle season because freestyle helps so much with their takedowns, mat awareness, and athleticism. Practice starts this Tuesday (Feb. 28th) at TECH at 5:30 PM for all ages. Wrestlers must be registered beforehand. Online registration is the simplest way to register (requires payment by credit card), but if you would rather pay by check or cash, you can register on-site on Tuesday, February 28th while the wrestlers practice. Practices will be twice a week with optional tournaments on the weekends which our coaches will attend.
Wrestlers will need to register here to be coached at the regular weekend tournaments, to attend TECH workouts on either Tuesdays or Thursdays or both, and to be able to weigh in on Thursday nights for tournaments.
If you have any questions, feel free to email Spring Wrestling Director, Brandon Ripp...
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Christmas Break – Rec League State – Salt Lake Slam – Beehive Brawl Rooms

Christmas Break-
We will be practicing on our normal schedule during Christmas Break. There is a tournament for everyone and we want to be ready for them.
Rec League State –
This Tournament is for wrestlers who in their 1st or 2nd year. A good rule is if you have wrestled before 09/01/2015 you probably should not attend this tournament. They will be verifying through USA wrestling and trackwrestling. If you are found to have wrestled more than 2 years you will be disqualified from the tournament and they will not be giving refunds.
We will be doing weigh ins on Thursday for this tournament. Please let me know if you will not be able to make the weigh In’s and we can work something out to get you weighed in.
Here is the link to that registration page.
Salt Lake Slam –
The Salt Lake slam is at the Legacy events center again this year. This tournament is a national tournament and has some special requirement. Weigh In’s will be held on December 29th 5-7 PM. WE MUST WEIGH IN AT THE LEGACY EVENTS CENTER NOT AT TECH...
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Tournament information for 10/10, Wrestle off info for the team duels, and new Wrestle till you drop time.

Thanks for all the support. We have been having some really good practices and we have seen some great improvements in our wrestlers. We had a great tournament at Fremont as well as a good turn out to the wrestle till you drop. Don’t forget to post those pictures to our Facebook page!
This week the tournament is going to be held at the legacy events center in farmington. This is one of the last tournaments before Christmas that all of our wrestlers can go to. We encourage EVERY wrestler to attend this tournament. Below you will find the link for the tournament. Please visit our FAQ section if you need help getting registered. Of coarse feel free to contact me as well if you get stuck!
Duel tournaments
December 17th
We will be going to the Christmas Clash. This is a Duel team tournament for 3rd through 4th graders. We will be doing wrestle offs for  this tournament. The cost is $25 per wrestler and we will be wrestling at least 4 matches with as many as 8 possible...
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Fremont tournament and wrestle till you drop

Hi Wrestlers and Parents!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and ate lots of food.
This weeks tournament is at Fremont High school. I have attached the flyer and you will find the registration link below. Please reach out to me if you have any question or check out our FAQ section for more help on getting registered. Remember the Registration closes at 6 PM on thursday so make sure to register early
For our younger kids we have our wrestle till you drop. Anyone who does not want to go to Fremont this weekend we would encourage to come to the faculty on Friday Dec 2nd at 6 PM. The cost is $5. We will be matching kids up about the same size and wrestling live. We have done this for a few years now and have found that it is great way to get kids matches. The goal is for each kid to get 6-10 matches in a night.
If you have any neighbors or friends thinking about wrestling or wanting to do the weight training please bring them along. We are still doing registrations
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Winter 2016 Flyer



November 7th – February 2nd

Pre K-9th Grade

Tech Wrestling Facility

Located at 1168 W 500 N Centerville, Utah


We will be doing weigh ins for each boy.


 Pre K – 2nd $125

3rd-9th $150


7th-9tth Grade Beginner Mon-Wed 4-5:30 Big Room

7th– 9th Grade Advanced Tues-Thu 4-5:30 Big Room

4rd-6th Grade  Tues -Thu 5:30-7 Big Room & Small Room

Pre-K-1st Grade Tues-Thu 7-8 Small Room

2nd-3rd Grade Tues-Thu 7-8 Big Room

TECH Strength will be going on the opposite days as your wrestlers and costs $150

Apparel, Shoes, Headgear and other Wrestling Gear will be available for purchase. We do require each wrestler to wear wrestling shoes on our mats. We strongly encourage each wrestler to wear TECH Wrestling apparel at each tournament. This helps the coaches find you and coach.

Please Register online at

For any questions call Dereck Wesche at 801-200-5343 or email at

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Winter Season Schedule

Parent Meeting Nov. 7th at 7PM in the big wrestling room at the TECH wrestling facility. We will be discussing what to expect for this upcoming season. We will also have shoes, head gear, apparel and pretty much everything wrestling available for sale.

We are currently finalizing the session schedule. It will be posted as soon as we have it finalized.

Cost for the entire season (Nov-Feb)

K-2nd grade $120

3rd-9th grade $150


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Get Your USA Wrestling Card Now

Usa Wrestling USA

Please Get Your USA Wrestling Card Now!!

Remember you must have a card to practice and to compete in the tournaments. Secondary insurance is also provided through this card.

For more information about what a USA Wrestling Card covers please checkout our FAQ

To get your USA Wrestling  Card Visit

Below you will find the PDF walking you through your registration of your USA Wrestling Card and registering for

How to Purchase A USA Wrestling card

After you opened this link  go to,

Dont forget to bring a COPY of your card to the coaches so we can keep one on file.

Good luck this weekend at Layton and we look forward to seeing you there!


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