Christmas Break – Rec League State – Salt Lake Slam – Beehive Brawl Rooms

Christmas Break-
We will be practicing on our normal schedule during Christmas Break. There is a tournament for everyone and we want to be ready for them.
Rec League State –
This Tournament is for wrestlers who in their 1st or 2nd year. A good rule is if you have wrestled before 09/01/2015 you probably should not attend this tournament. They will be verifying through USA wrestling and trackwrestling. If you are found to have wrestled more than 2 years you will be disqualified from the tournament and they will not be giving refunds.
We will be doing weigh ins on Thursday for this tournament. Please let me know if you will not be able to make the weigh In’s and we can work something out to get you weighed in.
Here is the link to that registration page.
Salt Lake Slam –
The Salt Lake slam is at the Legacy events center again this year. This tournament is a national tournament and has some special requirement. Weigh In’s will be held on December 29th 5-7 PM. WE MUST WEIGH IN AT THE LEGACY EVENTS CENTER NOT AT TECH. Please be sure to go there to weigh in before coming to practice.
**Discount code** If you register before Dec 26th at midnight use the code “utah” to get $5 off.
Here is the link for registration
Beehive Brawl Rooms –
We are staying at the Comfort Inn. Please call and reserve your room.
Please reach out if you have any questions!
Have a great holiday!

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